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Why choose just one when you can have it all!

This package includes pre-made workouts and a habit-based Nutrition Program to give you the maximum RESULTS you are looking for. 

This is a $177 value discounted just for you.



Need a little guidance on what exercises you should be doing to make progress? This program includes scientifically programmed workouts to guide you to your goals and RESULTS.



Eating right can oftentimes be the most challenging piece of getting healthy and fit. This program gives you weekly habits and practices to help guide you in the right direction without the typical restrictive meal plans that we have become accustomed to. We provide you beneficially sustainable and healthy habits to replace those habits that no longer serve you. This is a habit-based Nutrition Program that is designed to change your lifestyle over time to help you reach your goals and see the RESULTS for a lifetime.




With an initial assessment with one of our coaches, you will receive the holy grail of a customized program including a workout program and a habit-based Nutrition Program to allow you to reach your maximum RESULTS. 



Are you looking for some guidance with a more hands-on and personal approach? This program is made just for you! Your initial assessment with your coach is designed to take the guesswork out of when you should workout and what exercises you should and should not be doing for RESULTS. Your coach will design a customized workout program based specifically around what you have access to and what will deliver RESULTS.



What to eat and how to start eating healthy is one of the biggest questions we ask yourselves when trying to get fit and healthy. This customized program will answer those questions. You will receive a habit-based Nutrition Program including an initial and ongoing assessments with your coach. This will allow you to ask questions, and share concerns ultimately allowing you to receive the best nutrition program for you and your goals. This is a habit-based Nutrition Program that is designed to change your lifestyle over time to help you reach your goals and maintain your RESULTS for a lifetime.

maximum results fitness

BodyLab Transformation University

The foundation of your transformation journey starts with understanding the fundamentals and working to expand your knowledge base of overall health and fitness. 

BodyLab Maximum Results SysteM

Our mission is to help people live the life they aspire to live. 

Your workout facility is the hardware and the BodyLab Maximum RESULTS System is the software that powers your RESULTS. This is accomplished by using the latest trends in training the body, customized nutrition, and recovery techniques. We help you remove roadblocks through knowledge of the fundamentals of overall health and fitness and practical consistent execution. This package includes everything that you need to achieve maximum RESULTS. You will receive our customized app, workouts, habits-based Nutrition Program, and real-time coaching and accountability led by one of our highly experienced and qualified coaches.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started?

Go to the Programs tab and select the program that you want, once you’ve purchased that you will receive an activation email which will take you through how to set up your accounts on Trainerize and Precision Nutrition. If you don’t see the link to download your app you can go to the app store and download it. Sync it with your account and you’re all set to use the app for everything you need. 

What apps do I need to download?

Trainerize for the workout programs and/or Precision Nutrition for the nutrition programs 

How do I connect my Apple watch?

Go into your app and at the bottom right of the screen, click on the “more”  icon, once in that screen under “connect”, select “apple health/watch”. This is the same connecting Fitbit and my MyFitnessPal. 

Is there a way for me to time my rest periods and workouts without leaving the app?

Once you hit “start now” under your program, at the top of the screen there is a clock icon click that and select the time you wish or the stopwatch. 

How do I log a workout that I’ve done on my own?

Go into your trainerze app, at the bottom right there will be a blue plus, click that and select “workout”. From there it will drop down with a program your coach has assigned and a “freestyle” option. If you select the freestyle option you can put in any workout you did on your own as well as record sets, reps, time, and weight for you and your coach to see. 

Can I track an activity, such as running, directly from the app?

Go into your trainerze app, at the bottom right there will be a blue plus, click that and select “activity”. Select the activity you are doing and it will time you and record your workout for you and your coach to see?

I took a workout class in my local gym do I need to log everything thing we did in the class?

No, we just need to know the duration and they type of class i.e. spin, HITT, Crossfit, etc.



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