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Whether youre looking for a new fitness regimen or enhancements to your existing routine, customized programing or access to a curriculum designed to deliver results, BodyLab has a solution for you.

Self Guided Workout Programs
Unlock our digital vault of BodyLab Work Out Programs. Each 8-week program is highly focused and has been professionally developed by our master coaches, harnessing the latest techniques in fitness to deliver targeted RESULTS. At home or at the gym, watch your body transform as you cycle through each 8-week program.
Remote Private Coaching

Customized Workout & Nutrition Programming

No matter your level, BodyLab customized programming is designed to start where you are and give you the roadmap to RESULTS. Conveniently access your customized work out programs, chat with your Master Coach, track your progress, and log your results on our App.  

In-Person Group Coaching

Smart Team Training

Our Smart Team Training program is designed to connect and motivate our BodyLab community. These live, in-person training sessions are hosted by a BodyLab Master Coach and include the latest techniques in mobility, strength/hypertrophy/power training, metabolic conditioning, and recovery. Enhance your results with our App, where you can conveniently track your training sessions, plan your fitness and nutrition goals, chat with a Master Coach, log your results, and monitor your progress.