The mission of BodyLab is to support our global community in reaching its fullest potential through customized, habit-based coaching programs that harness the power of science to provide innovative fitness, nutrition, and psyche curriculums that deliver revolutionary results, simply and conveniently.

“I aim to do more than just help my clients look good. I coach them to move Well so they will feel good. Always remember that your health is your greatest wealth.”


Reggie is known for delivering some of the most dynamic, vigorous, and challenging workouts that target your mind, body, and soul. His passion for building, motivating, and inspiring the teams around him is what he says has greatly contributed to his success

Reggie is a Nike Trainer, corporate Master Trainer, and the former Managing Partner and Owner of the Southlands, CO and Mt. Vernon Triangle/Shaw-Washington D.C. Orangetheory Fitness franchises. He is also the former Regional General Manager of the VA/DC region and he served on the Board for the Workout Standards Committee for the Franchise Relations Committee for Orangetheory Fitness. He was one of the first two coaches to ever receive the 5,000 class milestone award for coaching over 5,000 Orangetheory Fitness classes.

Reggie has experience coaching athletes from all levels, the NFL, NCAA, he trained the Miami Dolphins Cheerleading Squad, youth soccer and football teams, everyone from Pros to Joes. He was also a Tier 3 Master Trainer for Equinox Fitness. He has developed and mentored numerous corporate trainers, regional trainers, head coaches, and certified well over 200 OTF coaches. He obtained his 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification with Yoga Alliance and is the lead PodFit teacher for YogaPod in Littleton and Boulder, CO.

It’s his constant thirst for knowledge that inspired him to return to school after ten years in the Navy to get his Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science, as well as obtain numerous certifications and specialty training courses, for Precision Nutrition, NASM, AFAA, NCCPT, TRX, kettlebells, and he is a Level 3 Under Armour IMG Academies Combine 360 coach. He is also a proud Alumni Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica. Reggie was hand-selected by the Global Director of Nike to be one of their exclusive Nike Trainers. He was also hand-selected as a Men’s Health MVP Network featured contributor. 


Reggie Williams, Founder of BodyLab


How do I get started?

Go to the Programs tab and select the program that you want, once you’ve purchased that you will receive an activation email which will take you through how to set up your accounts on Trainerize and Precision Nutrition. If you don’t see the link to download your app you can go to the app store and download it. Sync it with your account and you’re all set to use the app for everything you need. 

What apps do I need to download?

Trainerize for the workout programs and/or Precision Nutrition for the nutrition programs 

How do I connect my Apple watch?

Go into your app and at the bottom right of the screen, click on the “more”  icon, once in that screen under “connect”, select “apple health/watch”. This is the same connecting Fitbit and my MyFitnessPal. 

Is there a way for me to time my rest periods and workouts without leaving the app?

Once you hit “start now” under your program, at the top of the screen there is a clock icon click that and select the time you wish or the stopwatch. 

How do I log a workout that I’ve done on my own?

Go into your trainerze app, at the bottom right there will be a blue plus, click that and select “workout”. From there it will drop down with a program your coach has assigned and a “freestyle” option. If you select the freestyle option you can put in any workout you did on your own as well as record sets, reps, time, and weight for you and your coach to see. 

Can I track an activity, such as running, directly from the app?

Go into your trainerze app, at the bottom right there will be a blue plus, click that and select “activity”. Select the activity you are doing and it will time you and record your workout for you and your coach to see?

I took a workout class in my local gym do I need to log everything thing we did in the class?

No, we just need to know the duration and they type of class i.e. spin, HITT, Crossfit, etc.



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